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Hail Adventurer!

So you wish to know a little more about our humble collective, do you? Not to worry! All your questions shall be answered and more right here. Prepare to be amazed!

The Gentleman's Hammer Adventure Club, as you may have already read, is a collective of friends and acquaintances who share in a similar array of interests that include, but is not limited to: tabletop gaming, live action role play, costuming and make-up special effects, theater, storytelling and crafting. Our group has many talented individuals and much of our time online is spent sharing our respective hobbies between events.

What sort of events? I'm glad you asked! While we do host a myriad of small gatherings for things such as tabletop gaming (DnD, Savage Worlds, Edge of the Empire, to name a few), our greatest effort and pride is put into our larger-scale Live Action events, typically held twice a year: once in the fall and once in the spring. The themes to these events will change by chapters and in between chapters we will usually host a One-Off event of some kind--which is most often Call of Cthluhu or horror related. Our other games tend to stretch into a longer chapter that take at least four events to reach completion, over the span of two years. The theme of our longer events range from fantasy to post apocalyptic and pretty much everything in between. You'll find many of our unique settings to be a stew of several themes packed into one, so that there is usually something everyone can find interesting and fun about each game. To learn more about our events, please visit our FAQ page.

How on earth did such a club come to be? Well, that is not too complicated. The Hammer began as a tabletop group that used to meet and play DnD, fourth edition at the time. A few of that small group's members liked the name they had chosen for their Adventure Co. and went on to host more elaborate games and events under that banner. The events began with Cthulhu Live and later grew to include its first chaptered event: a post-apocalyptic themed setting dubbed "West of Absolution." Since then, our numbers have grown and interest in our activities have spread. We are now over fifty members as a whole, many of whom are regular attendees. So, you see, it's very simple. Our group began as a handful of friends doing something fun, and it has grown into a club of dedicated members who share in a beloved hobby together. Twice a year, our excitement and shared interest brings us together for a weekend event that creates a lasting memory that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Who can join? Certainly the name "Gentleman's Hammer" may paint a picture of a very specific demographic, but we are far from exclusive as far as that is concerned. The Hammer welcomes anyone to submit an application regardless of race, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, spiritual belief or percentage of dapper attire in one's wardrobe. We are an accepting group of people and we really only ask that all members treat one another with respect and follow our club's guidelines. We also try to be as accommodating as possible, so if you require any special needs our administrators will do everything in our power to assist you.

Why must I submit an application? Think of it as a get-to-know-you step. As stated, we are a collection of friends and acquaintances. Therefore, we prefer to know at least a few things about the folks who potentially want to join us in our events and games.

If you still have questions about our organization, you may want to visit our FAQ page. If you would like to contact an admin, please send us an email at

For now, we wish you all the very best and welcome visitors to have a look at the rest of our website.

Tally ho!